Balian & Medewi Accommodation

A road trip along the west coast of Bali will take you past terraced rice paddies and coconut groves to the volcanic black sand beaches of Balian and Medewi.

Balian is a quiet Balinese village, about 90 minutes drive from Seminyak/Kuta. Aside from surfers from around the planet, Balian River is visited by a wide range of international travellers giving it a cool vibe. A little further north is Medewi a tiny, remote village known for a very long left point break, peeling gently for hundreds of metres. For non-surfers, it offers a glimpse of what Bali was like before the growth of mass tourism in the 1970s.

So besides surfing there is not much to do in Balian River or Medewi, but its just one of those places where surfers and non-surfers like to hang out, relax, sleep, swim, eat, read a book and enjoy the long lazy days and incredible black sand sunsets.

Bonian Surf Villa

Located on the west coast of Bali, 1.5 hours from Seminyak, this private villa offers complete peace and quiet, a nice contrast to the hustle & bustle of Kuta.

Kelapa Retreat

Kelapa Retreat is located on the west coast of the enchanting island of Bali close to the coastal village of Pekutatan.

Pondok Pitaya

Located in west Bali, 2 hours drive north of Seminyak. Pondok Pitaya Surfer Hotel is located on the edge of a natural volcanic black sand beach.

Balian & Medewi Surf Info