Bali Weddings

Whether your idea of a dream wedding is a small and intimate ceremony or a big lavish affair, everyone wants their special day to be a truly romantic experience that generates wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. Yet often in the quest to organize the perfect wedding, brides-to-be find themselves tangled up in the stressful art of juggling day-to-day commitments with bringing their ultimate wedding vision to life; this is where Bali Retreats can help!

We specialize in luxury boutique hotel and private villa weddings on the beautiful Island of Bali and in particular the Bukit Peninsula. Catering for elopements with just the bride and groom right through to weddings with up to 100 guests, we can accommodate your entire bridal party within walking distance of the wedding venue, arrange your guests full holiday itinerary and ensure they are transferred safely to the wedding.

As an independent Wedding Consultant Bali Retreats helps you choose and book the venue, recommend wedding planners, photographers and caterers. Some venues have in house wedding planners making the process even easier, we work with trusted partners that have provided great outcomes for clients over recent years.

With 7 years experience and assisting with over 70 wedding groups we can help you create a stress free and unique wedding experience.

Why Bali

Planning a wedding overseas may seem like a daunting task, but the bonuses are many.

Couples choose Bali as the ultimate wedding location for a number of reasons:

Not just one day

What is really nice about an overseas wedding is that the event isn't just one day where you don't get to speak to all the guests. Guests usually stay around the wedding venue for a minimum of 3 nights so you get to relax and really enjoy each others company.

Pre and post wedding gatherings can be arranged as well. Often couples choose a location for the pre-wedding fun. Move close to the venue for the days either side of the wedding and extend beyond the wedding to wind down and relax. Bali Retreats can help co-ordinate accommodation in each area to suit your guests individual budgets and transfer guests between locations.

Absolute Affordability

Thanks to the excellent exchange rate for Bali's rupiah, we can create breathtaking events for amazing rates that are generally a fraction of the cost of a similar function in your home country. Not to mention that employing the services of a wedding planner is usually beyond many people's budgets; Bali Retreats Wedding Services can take all the stress out of the organisation process without breaking the bank.

Mixed nationalities or inter-racial marriages

Clients often hail from different countries than their partner and find Bali a fantastic neutral location where each family can travel to meet half way and enjoy a holiday at the same time - which comes in extra handy if the couple would prefer not to seem to be favoring one family over the other by marrying in their respective homelands!


Sometimes a couple's parents or friends ideas about a wedding can start to over shadow a couple's enjoyment of this special event. At home they may feel pressured to invite a large number of extended acquaintances or feel they have to follow parent's rules, but by taking on a wedding planner and marrying OS they have more control over their day - and ultimately more freedom to stage things exactly as they planned. In Bali the ceremony can be as traditional or unconventional as a couple wants it to be.

Combining The Honeymoon

Why not wed in a place dreamy enough to be your honeymoon location? All accommodations listed on this website are perfect for honeymooners; Bali Retreats can also arrange romantic dinner packages, or that special candlelit dinner under the stars surrounded by tea lights and flowers.

And just because it's Bali. . .

It's hard to surpass Bali as a top international wedding destination simply thanks to the wonderfully rich Balinese culture, breathtaking scenery and incredibly friendly locals. Where else could you be married on a cliff top overlooking the ocean at sunset, be treated to traditional dance routines and have a real Balinese Prince perform your wedding blessing? Oh, and did we mention Balinese are by nature very creative, therefore the flowers and wedding decorations locally available are simply amazing for a fraction of regular prices?

At Bali Retreats Wedding Services we can also blend cultural influences (e.g. a Christian wedding along side a traditional Balinese blessing) so you can also potentially incorporate the best of both worlds.


The tropical Indonesian paradise of Bali is called "The Island Of The Gods", so it's no surprise that for a wedding to be legally binding it needs to incorporate a religious and spiritual aspect. Brides and Grooms-to-be need nominate one of just four faiths officially recognised by the Government of Indonesia; Christian (Protestant or Catholic), Muslim, Hindu or Buddist. Then there's the paperwork (birth certificates, passports, divorce papers from any previous marriages) and a visit to your respective consulates, a processing fee, plus you'll need to supply witnesses. Sound complicated? Not if you've got a wedding planner helping you sort through the red tape.

Ceremony Options

Legal Wedding Ceremony

Got too much love to fit into just one wedding? You're in luck; legal wedding ceremonies in Bali consist of two separate parts. The first ceremony is performed by a Minister, Priest, or other religious representative, whilst the second ceremony, immediately following the first, is performed by the Indonesian Government Registry Officials. It is the second of these two separate ceremonies that actually makes your marriage legal, yet the Indonesian Government Registry Officials will not register and legalize your marriage until the religious ceremony has first taken place. This dual ceremony can take many forms - couples can choose for the religious component to follow one of the wedding options listed below, or we can arrange a particular ceremony tailored to suit your denomination or beliefs.

Commitment Ceremony

For couples wanting to celebrate their love and life long commitment to each other without any legal or religious implications, or for those who simply wish to celebrate a renewal of vows, the Commitment Ceremony is a perfect choice. This simple but beautiful ceremony may be performed by a Western Officiant or Celebrant, and you are free to use existing ceremony texts, write your own vows, or use a combination of both to make this ceremony absolutely your own.

Balinese Blessing Ceremony

For a ceremony filled with spiritual overtones and exotic appeal, a Balinese Blessing Ceremony is a unique experience to cherish and treasure. This ceremony is a favorite for couples already legally married to each other, including those who wish to undertake a low-key or private legal wedding in their home country to get paperwork out of the way before this Balinese ceremony in front of family and friends. It is also popular with couples who wish to celebrate their love without any legal implications at all!

It is important to note that performed alone this ceremony is not legally binding, and no certification will be presented. But it can be made official if you choose to combine it as part of a Legal Wedding service listed on this page; many couples chose to integrate the two so they can experience a Balinese cultural wedding and still be legally wed. Alternatively, a Balinese Blessing may also be combined with a commitment ceremony so couples can blend a mix of traditional vows with an authentic Balinese cultural experience.


Micks Place

Mick's Place is situated on the cliff at Bingin Beach with 180° of unencumbered Indian Ocean views, boasting some of Indonesia's best waves.

La Joya

La Joya is a charming boutique resort that offers an absolutely unique holiday experience. Nestled above one of the finest natural beaches on the magical island of Bali.

Villa Bulan Putih

Resting atop a cliff on the Bukit Peninsula, the complex offers wide open spaces and sweeping views across the Indian Ocean.

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Dear Lorraine, Kyle and Megan

Thank you so much for all your hard work this year with our wedding.

Johnny and I are so grateful to have had such a professional, friendly team managing our guests bookings and accommodation and could simply not have done it without your endless support and advice.

Thank you!
Panchoran Retreat Ubud September 2011

Dear Bali Retreats Team,

Thanks you very much for the great organisation for us, our family and our friends over the last 2 weeks.

Our wedding was magical ! The build up in Legian was also fantastic, as was heading back there after the event. Thanks for your hard work and all of your support to help make our Bali wedding experience perfect.

We'll be in touch next time we are heading over to Bali. In the meantime I will pass on your details to anyone I hear who needs help with Bali accommodation.

Ad and Lyns
Villa Bayuh Sabbha Padang Padang Nov 2011

Dear Lorraine & Team,

Unfortunately for us we are back in Sydney now, we had an incredible time in Bali. All the accommodations you put us in were fantastic. Nirvana Biru in Bingin, loved it!

Batu Karang almost breaks my heart to think of the place, it was so perfect in every way. All the guests were delighted with their rooms and the room allocation worked really well for everyone. The wedding was amazing, it's hard to describe how wonderful everything was, it really could not have been better.

Sentosa - gorgeous Villa - we were in a 3 bedroom Villa with 2 rooms closed off. It was really large and perfect to invite Simon's parents over for lunch etc. Close to all the great night life like Living Room , Potato Head. The breakfast each morning was really top quality and the meal we had in the restaurant remarkable. Really would recommend this place to anyone staying in Seminyak. So thanks for a fantastic suggestion.

Now I just need another reason to organise a group holiday!! You've all been great so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Sonya & Simon
Batu Karang Nusa Lembongan Island July 2011

Right from our very earliest discussions about our wedding it was clear we both wanted the day, the ceremony, and the venue to be a reflection of us, unfettered by the pressures of other people's opinions or expectations.

The decision to get married overseas was based on a few things. Firstly there was geography; Tania's family are from Mauritius/South Africa and mine from Australia. This made us eager to consider a more neutral venue than Sydney where we were living. Second was the fact that as adults the reality of people's lives with daily routines, time restrictions, work commitments and the like meant our friends and family rarely got to go on holidays together. Our idea was to draw everyone overseas for a holiday, using our wedding as the perfect motivator. It worked!

Mick's Place in Bali seemed a perfect choice because of our affinity with the ocean, and the unmatched vista and sheer beauty of the area which had appealed to us many times in the past (and which we knew would appeal to all the guests as well).

The massive task of organising a wedding - especially an overseas wedding - was alleviated considerably with the professional help and personal touch of Lorraine from Bali Retreats who we kept in regular correspondence with over the months leading up to the wedding. The biggest challenge was the strategic assignment of accommodation for our guests, but once this complex task was taken care by Bali Retreats the rest flowed smoothly.

The day itself far surpassed anything we could have imagined. Our guests were beyond relaxed and buzzing with excitement. Everything was phenomenal. The catering and staff's hospitality, the setting, the energy, the mood, the ceremony and reception were perfect. The consensus from the 50+ guests (80% of the original guest list) was the day was by far the best, most memorable and original wedding they'd ever attended. Although we're obviously biased, we can't help but agree!

To have your family and best mates from different parts of the world congregating in tropical heaven where everyone is so far removed from the pressures of normal existence is an unbeatable formula. We'd recommend it to everyone.

Tania and Brendan
Micks Place Bingin Beach May 2010